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We are Shenzhen Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. We are the first company in China that specialized in providing internetwork service for tourism and theme park enterprises. It has been 10 years since we focused on the theme tourism market. We have various independent intellectual property right and we have got the high-tech enterprise license of Shen Zhen City.

We focus on the website construction of the theme parks, e-commerce service of the scenic spot, intelligent tourism APP, WeChat application planning and development etc. We have successfully provided various internet technical solution for more than 50 famous domestic & international tourism enterprises, totally around 200 scenic spots. In 2015, the scenic spots website of our customers had got more than 150 million PV and offered on-line service for more than 50 million visitors.

Our team deeply understands the demand of Chinese tourist and their concerns for the scenic website information. In 2015, Chinese tourist arrivals to oversea destination were running at 120 million and it may be 160 million in 2016.

Have you provided website specially for the huge Chinese tourist group?
Are you sure your website fit in with the Chinese browsing habits?
Do you know what will be resulted in if website update delay for the Chinese tourist?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have such questions and demands. Our professional team is sure to offer better website solution for your Chinese tourists.

Our service

  • website construction

  • WeChat application

  • intelligent tourism APP

  • e-commerce service

  • Website operation service

Our works

  • Chimelong

    Happy Valley

    Ocean spring resort

    Suzhou Amusement Land

  • Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel

    Chimelong Hotel

  • Chimelong International Circus

    Overseas Chinese town Performing Arts

    LingLing Circus

  • Beijing Happy Valley Halloween WeChat game

    Chengdu Happy Valley mobile website

    Happy Valley WeChat

  • Chengdu Happy Valley intelligent tourism APP

    Our customers

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